If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

It’s 3 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Why? I’am thinking about these walls. I’am too excited . Like the night before Christmas. What a journey it took for them to get to me. Months!!

They were not sitting in a warehouse somewhere in the U.S. After researching and a long ordering process it was set in motion. And their journey from the mountains in Pakistan began. Across the sea they came . Due to terrorist bombings in Europe they were held hostage in customs a bit longer. Then finally made it home to The Healing Den of Salem. Whew!

They are so beautiful. My heart is full. My favorite is to observe people when they come through my door. #1 question… what are they?

Me: Pink Himalayan Salt????

No one seems to believe this. Question #2. Can I Touch it?

Me: You bet???????? Now the fun part. This is where the change begins. This is where I love to watch people’s reaction, body language , facial expressions etc… It starts with a slight unsure touch. What ALWAYS happens is then a full palm press, postures relax, smiles, more questions . And always a longer lingering,laying of their hands on the salt, and even a few gentle pats. I’ve never seen anyone pull away quickly. I always wonder what it is they are feeling inside. For me I can only describe it as being like a kid again and that connected feeling you had walking barefoot in the grass, walking on the cool sand or climbing a tree. I think you can feel that living earth connection and that vibe is in the air. Question #3 … Does it taste like salt???

By far my favorite. Me: I’m sure it does???? Personally, I haven’t tried it. I won’t stop you. Just do it when I’am not looking.

Just a few of my delirious 3 a.m. rambling thoughts. Only 5 more hours until I get to go back.????????????

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